We back early-stage founders
with transformative ideas,
brilliant teams, and
relentless determination.

By leveraging our experience across consumer and enterprise technology, we strive to help businesses at the Seed and Series A stages become category-defining companies.

We’ve lived it.

As operators and investors, we have built, scaled, and sold companies that have reached tens of millions of people. More importantly, despite today’s glossy image of entrepreneurship, we have learned firsthand that this success is hard-fought—we have experienced the sleepless nights. We have calluses on our hands from holding the reins. And we know the loneliness of making heavy, brutal decisions.

We’re different.

We’re bucking the status quo. We believe that the venture firms of today should look and think like the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We draw on our wide range of backgrounds and perspectives to partner with forward-looking, effective, socially responsible entrepreneurs who will shape the future.

We’re committed.

Supporting founders at the beginning of their journeys is the work we love most. Every time we invest, we commit ourselves—our time, our energy, and our steadfast loyalty—to their success. When it gets hard, we won’t waver. When it gets tough, our resolve gets tougher. We are in the boat, and we will row harder. And, at the finish line, we will be cheering the loudest. That passion and that promise are at the core of who we are.

We are Inspired.