The Founders Project

Inc's The Founders Project with Alexa von Tobel, our weekly podcast, features top founders and their story of guts, inspiration, and drive. Check out some of our favorite episodes below.

Henry Ward

Why Equity Matters
Cal Henderson

How to Be a Multiplier
Vlad Tenev

How Process Helps You Build Faster
Johnny Boufarhat

How to Accelerate to Meet Demand
Steven Galanis

How to Build a Marketplace That Scales
Ali Ghodsi

How to Build Your Executive Team
Jack Conte

Why Creators Matter
Max Levchin

How to Build a Transparent Business
Will Ahmed

Why Failure is a Path to Progress
Chris Urmson

Why Building a Company is a Team Sport
Ken Lin

How to Stay True to Your Principles
Josh Reeves

How to Love the Journey
Howie Liu

How to Build Slow and Steady
Daniel Schreiber

How to Make Customers Happy
Doug Hirsch

How to Solve the Unsolvable
Steve Fredette

How to Think Long-Term
David Velez

How Constraints Create Opportunity
Jack Altman

Why Companies Should Think of Employees as Customers
Wade Foster

How to Build a Company Remotely
Brian Halligan

How to Grow from Founder to CEO
Jason Brown

Why Emotions are Not a Liability